How It Works

No Commitment, You Just Save

Sign Up and Start Saving

Some buying groups require an annual membership fee to participate, as well as an annual commitment to spend. Buying Power gives you the power to save on your purchases with no membership fees or annual contracts.  

Buy on Your Time, Not Ours

Unlike other buying groups, in most cases, Buying Power members can keep their own individual accounts with suppliers and still receive our discounts on purchases. You get our huge savings while still enjoying the flexibility you need to run an efficient business.”

Transparent Savings

Our supplier partners will work with you one-on-one to help you analyze current pricing and calculate, with real data, the level of savings. We publish your estimated savings in your monthly report for applicable suppliers.

Improved Procurement Strategy

Using Buying Power as part of your overall procurement strategy can save you thousands of dollars, smooth out procurement processes, and help you develop valuable relationships with key vendors.

Negotiating Discounted Pricing

When you join Buying Power, you can enjoy discounts typically reserved for big-box retailers and national or international businesses. We save money for you as a member organization by negotiating discounted pricing with national suppliers. Discounts offered are based on the overall spend of our entire buying group.

This will help you achieve your purchasing and procurement goals in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Not only will you save an average of 17% by joining Buying Power, but you’ll also save time since we do all the negotiating for you. 

We invite you to become a member of the Buying Power Family and experience the difference. It’s not about the power we can gain, but the power we can give you.